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Time to run Milan watch

Time to run Milan watch

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Movement type: quartz

Thickness: 13 mm

Dial diameter: 36mm

Crown type: flat-topped, tapered crown

Bottom type: normal

Mirror material: ordinary glass mirror

Watch buckle style: iron absorption watch buckle

Buckle material: stainless steel

Strap material: stainless steel

Dial shape: round

Case material: metal

[special magnet buckle maintenance instructions] :

This watch's most distinctive is the strap buckle is magnetic absorption design, daily wear if off at ordinary times, please remember that card original gaskets, or on a watch tower, do not put together magnet clasp and watches dial, watch movement to attract the magnetic field can lead to internal movement precision was "absorb" stop temporarily, if wear process is careful magnet close to dial to go stop walking or not, only need to adjust the time, not to wear when placing it on a watch tower.

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