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Three Blossoms - DIY Painting By Numbers Kits

Three Blossoms - DIY Painting By Numbers Kits

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Product Information:
Category: Oil Painting
Item No.: Oil Painting
Material: Canvas
Visual effects: plane
Production method: half hand-painted
Subject: Landscape Painting
Outer frame: solid wood frame
Color: LW-021-Singing Little Elephant,A: LW-022, LW-023, LW-024-Forest Firefox, LW-025-Witcher Cat, LW-026 Retro Monroe, LW-027-Skateboard Frog, LW- 028-Water Tiger, LW-029-Three Color Elephant, LW-030-Breaking Wave Ghost, LW-031-Guitar, LW-032-Snow Wolf, LW-033-Cat,LW-034-Cliff,lw-035- Deep Sea Mermaid, LW-036-Elk, LW-037-Sunglasses Cat, LW-038-My Neighbor Totoro, LW-039-Heart Flower, LW-040-Butterfly Heart
Specifications: 40*50 custom models (send combo box), please contact customer service for custom sizes, 40*50 spot models
Unit: Vice
Size: 40*50 customized model (send frame), 40*50 cash, regular model + frame, DIY customization (contact customer service)
Style: modern and simple
Space: living room, bedroom, study room, dining room, bathroom, commercial space

Packing List:

Oil painting*1

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