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Tapestry Mandala Series Printed Home Tapestry Wall Mount

Tapestry Mandala Series Printed Home Tapestry Wall Mount

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Product Information:

shape: rectangle
Pattern: grid
Sales method: finished carpet (yuan/piece)
Cleaning type: hand washable
Color: LS-BB01, LS-BB02, LS-BB03, LS-BB04, LS-BB05, LS-BB06, LS-BB07, LS-BB08, LS-BB09, LS-BB10, LS-BB11, LS-BB12, LS-BB13, LS-BB14, LS-BB15, LS-BB16, LS-BB17, LS-BB18, LS-BB19, LS-BB20, LS-BB21, LS-BB22, LS-BB23, LS-BB24, LS- BB25, LS-BB26, LS-BB27, LS-BB28, LS-BB29, LS-BB30, LS-BB31, LS-BB32
Size: 95x73 (sanded hair type), 150x130 (sanded hair type), 200x150 (sanded hair type), 230X150 (sanded hair type), 230X180 (sanded hair type)
Space: living room, bedroom, study room, outdoor, dining room, bathroom, balcony, children's room, commercial space
Applicable scenarios: study room, hall, bedroom, living room, home, dining room, corridor, bathroom, hotel, entrance hall

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