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Su Embroidery Beginner Cross Stitch Set

Su Embroidery Beginner Cross Stitch Set

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Embroidery is a lyrical expression of love,
-Gentle confession of needle and thread,
The blank fabric is given inspiration,
Rich and beautiful imagination embellishes the monotonous life,
Construct a dream country and poetic years.

Cotton and linen fabric
The texture is clear, the hand feels soft and comfortable, with
It has the characteristics of strong moisture absorption and good breathability.
Exquisite embroidery thread.
Embroidery mainly depends on embroidery thread, and there are talks about using thread
In order to embroider a vibrant painting,
Imitation bamboo embroidery stretch
Adjustable elastic screw, the embroidery stretch is firm and flat
You can also make picture frames.

Product information:
Style: cartoon
Material: cotton and linen cloth
Pattern: Cartoon/Anime
Cross stitch category: Kit
Cross stitch cloth CT number: other CT
Embroidery type: Su embroidery
Color: S351 deer embroidery material kit, S352 butterfly embroidery material kit, S353 fox embroidery material kit, S354 owl material kit
Size: Including diameter 20 imitation bamboo stretch
Space: living room, bedroom, study room, outdoor, dining room, balcony, children's room, commercial space

Product List:
Printed cotton cloth*1, embroidery thread*1, embroidery needles*2, tutorial drawings*1, imitation bamboo embroidery stretch*1

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