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Dogecoin Virtual Bitcoin Commemorative Coin

Dogecoin Virtual Bitcoin Commemorative Coin

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1. Just open the frame and put your special work on crystal transparent film. Close the frame and fix your special work.
2. The free-standing frame is very suitable for any collector, because you can store almost anything-antiques, jewelry, watches, knives, minerals, coins, war medals, heirlooms-no matter what your collection, this can provide you with a solution!
3. They can be used at home, at work or with your company's products. Many organizations or companies also use frames to display special corporate or military awards, coins, medals, or gifts.

Product information:
Material: Iron
Packing: Independent packing in PP bag
Process: electroplating, die-casting
Color: Dogecoin Gold, Dogecoin Silver
Badge type: Commemorative badge

packing list:

Commemorative coins*1

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