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Cotton Lace Three-piece Garden Floral Bed Sheet

Cotton Lace Three-piece Garden Floral Bed Sheet

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1. Pillowcases are an important part of modern pillows. Ancient people did not use pillowcases. They used pillow cores and pillow covers (PILLOWCOVER). China Pillow Online concluded that there are three basic styles of modern pillowcases: ordinary one. Bag type, Oxford type (equipped with flat edges) and embellishment type. All three types of pillowcases have an inner seal to fix the pillow, so there is no need to implement some reinforcement measures on both sides.

2. It is used as a wide fabric for bed decoration. Using pure cotton or blended yarn as raw material, using plain weave, twill weave, variable weave or jacquard weave, weaving on a wide loom. There are all white, plain color, color stripe, color grid, printing, jacquard, burnt out, embroidery, etc. The pattern is beautiful, the cloth surface is smooth, the hand feel is quite refreshing, and it is firm and durable. It is a textile with both practicality and decoration.

3. The fabric is characterized by flexible changes in width, color and shape, and there are two types of pure cotton and blended fabrics according to the different raw materials used.


Subcomponent of fabric: Cotton
Pattern: Plants and flowers
color category: Flower color
Style: Sheet type
Applicable bed size: 1.8m (6 feet) bed
Style: Floral
Flower type: Peony blue, spring rose, French vintage rose, cappuccino, peony grey, Angela(1style 2style  3style 4style  5style 6style

Size specifications: 1.2m (4 feet) bed, 1.5m/1.8m (5 feet) bed (cm)

Packing list:
Floral bed sheet x1

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